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New York City, NY Newark Airport, NJ Parsippany-Troy, NJ Dover Station, NJ New York City, NY

the cheapest & most convenient way.

Book your car ride just like Uber for the price of a bus ticket.

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Why travel to NYC with Cruis?


Get to NYC the convenient way

Unlike Uber, you don't have to pay the price of a plane ticket to get to NYC. Cruis is the most convenient way to travel at a price cheaper than a Martz ticket. East PA to NJ or all the way to NYC, we got your back.


Travel with safety prioritized

Cruis puts your safety above everything. All Captains go through a rigorous background check before being able to pick you up. That includes checking criminal, traffic, and insurance records to ensure your safety.

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Connect with amazing people

Whether you commute daily to NYC or just travel occasionally, you will meet people who are on that road daily. Your Captain or the other passenger could be the next best connection you make.

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Reduce traffic and air pollution

Traffic jams and air pollution is the price we pay for the convenience of cars. When you ride with Cruis, you are doing your part to reduce traffic jams and car emissions. Sharing a ride is the best way to do it

Not convinced? See for yourself.

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Taking Martz to NYC is an expensive inconvenience.

But taking Cruis to the city means

  • Traveling the convenient way.
  • Putting safety above all else.
  • Saving money every ride
  • Meeting amazing people.
  • Helping fellow commuters.
  • Caring for the environment.
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The founders of Cruis commuted from Scranton and Stroudsburg to NYC for years

They started Cruis because they know what you have been going through daily.

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Start traveling smarter today.

Allow Cruis to take you to NYC cheaply, safely, and conveniently.

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